The Design Genius Behind the Convertible Muscle Car

Just when the idea of muscle cars didn’t seem like it could get any better, the idea of a convertible came along. This meant that the vehicle could be driven with the top down if the driver so wished. The image of a long drive with the wind blowing all around you was a new found sense of freedom that consumers were very eager to enjoy.

The design for the convertible muscle car was more complex than most people realize. Part of the overall structure of any vehicle is the roof of the vehicle. This part of the car helps it to remain structurally sound. A big part of the problem of designing was trying to figure out how to maintain that stability and still allow the top of the car to be removable.

The solution was to use heavy brackets to reinforce the permanent areas of the body of the vehicle. As a result, this made convertibles heavier than a car with a hard top. The other problem was trying to offer the vehicle a solution to changes in the sounds of a convertible. The last thing any driver wants to hear are rattles as they are cruising in their great muscle car. Various forms had to be created to make sure that the fit was perfect and that such problems wouldn’t be a factor.

Aerodynamics also played a role with the issue of convertible muscle cars. A new design had to be introduced that allowed aerodynamics to continue in spite of the roof being removable at the will of the driver. The solution was in the design of the windshield and the design of the glass shield located behind the headrests in the vehicle. It took some tweaking to get it right, but it has paid off. Convertible muscle cars have always been popular. In 2011, some of the Chevy Camaro models will be convertibles.

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Why They Call the Jaguar XKR Convertible the Supercar

Beauty, power and excitement are all terms used to identify the Jaguar XKR convertible. Being able to drive at high speeds with the top down is a dream many people have. The fact that this vehicle is comfortable to sit in, handles very well and isn’t something everyone else is driving makes it very attractive in the eyes of some consumers.

This vehicle is stylish from the inside out. There isn’t anything about the Jaguar XKR convertible that doesn’t work like a dream. It is as if Jaguar has taken the best ideas and elements of all sports cars and put them into one overall design. It goes from zero to sixty in about 4.6 seconds and that is phenomenal! The car can go up to 155 miles per hour and that ability gives people a lot of freedom and control. Freedom and control are aspects of owning a powerful muscle car that appeal to consumers.

The front seats of the Jaguar XKR convertible offer plenty of leg room and a comfortable design. This is the type of vehicle you can go for a very long ride in and not feel uncomfortable. The back seat offers a decent amount of leg room for passengers as well. The engine offers a design that is outstanding and provides the driver with top performance. While this is an expensive sports car, you have to admit you get what you pay for with it.

All of these factors have resulted in the Jaguar XKR convertible being coined “the supercar.” Anyone that has driven this particular vehicle will have a hard time arguing that such a label isn’t well deserved. This vehicle has everything a sports car should have inside, outside, and under the hood. It doesn’t get the best fuel mileage, but if you can afford to own the Jaguar XKR convertible then chances are you aren’t too worried about the cost of fuel anyway.

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Owning a Convertible Muscle Car is All About the Fun

When you think about it, with few exceptions, nobody really “needs” a convertible. However, the idea of owning a convertible muscle car continues to thrive as the ultimate statement of cool in our culture. It is not hard to think of a favorite scene in a movie, a TV show or a music video where a convertible muscle car was at the center of whatever was going on that was nothing but pure fun and cool.

It is hardly necessary to think very much why a convertible muscle car is such a fun thing to own. Perhaps it is that feeling of being in a powerful mechanical device but still being able to interact with nature in a very dynamic way that makes riding in a convertible muscle car such a thrill. Yes, it is possible to catch a nice breeze in a T-top coupe or sedan that has a sunroof, but there is still metal overhead. When you are out on the open road in a convertible muscle car, you have all the power under you but you are directly in touch with nature as the sun shines on your skin and the wind makes an utter mess of your hair. It is nothing short of a delightful experience.

Convertibles from the early era of the muscle car movement, such as the 1958 Corvette, are a wonderful way to re-create that time in history and culture and to enjoy that convertible experience at the same time. This is one reason that so many of the convertible muscle cars from these years have become much sought-after prizes for collectors and those who love to restore classic muscle cars. The exterior chrome that sets such cars as the 1958 Corvette apart set the vehicle in its period beautifully. If you invest in this kind of vintage muscle car, not only will it become one of the admired vehicles you have, but it will represent a solid investment because of how valuable they are in the muscle car collectors’ market.

If your passion for convertible muscle cars leads you to become a restoration fanatic, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Taking a “fixer-upper” and returning it to its glory days is in itself an experience that will provide you with a great feeling of accomplishment. Then when you take that magnificent machine on the streets or show it off at muscle car gatherings, the admiration you get will make the effort entirely worth it as well. Don’t be surprised if everyone wants a ride in your classic convertible muscle car so that they feel the breeze in their hair and have that kind of fun for themselves. Go ahead and take them on those rides. You know you want to.

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